Who Are You In Bed With?

HOW TO PLAY: 1. Get in Bed. 2. Stay in Bed. 3. Action: Who are you #inbedwith? #inbedwith loved ones? #inbedwith puppets? #inbedwith evil corporations and fat cats? #inbedwith The 99%? #inbedwith... bedbugs? Let us know through signs, movies, photos, riddles... 4. Document and SUBMIT thru submit button below 5. Follow us on twitter at @revplay for the latest actions including #F29 and #M3 6. Have fun! 7. Good luck! -------------------------------- to get in to bed with us, use the submit button at the top left corner or the email whoareyouinbedwith [at] gmail dot com

Outside Zuccotti Park on #f19 we preformed a bed in on top of a car across from zuccotti park. The police were on edge and lady liberty was in the park doing a teach in for kids documenting OWS.

(Source: nerephotography.com)

2 years ago